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Charging stations for electric vehicles

By hosting an EV Charger, you will join a rapidly growing network of premium locations across India that will receive the early adopters of electric cars and greet them with a dash of charge.


Tailored Solutions

If you are an establishment on the highway, then your charging needs are different from that of a hotel in a remote town. Similarly, if you are a shop on the high street, then your charging needs are different from that of an office in the central business district. Sunfuel helps you with consulting and training, that will enable tailored solutions for your charging needs.

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Partner With Us

If your location qualifies as a high footfall public space, Sunfuel will provide premium charging equipment at a subsidized price to you. We will lead the installation and commissioning process. Your patrons get a smooth experience that exceeds even the global best-practices and is standardized across locations.

Host Charger-Sunfuel Electric
Charging Solutions

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The time to become EV friendly is now. You can host the early adopters of electric cars, who are young, well read, well-travelled, well-heeled, upwardly mobile, and environmentally conscious individuals.